Hydraulic Cylinder Technology Meets Various Manufacturing, Construction, and Industrial Applications

Hydraulic Cylinder Technology Meets Various Manufacturing, Construction, and Industrial Applications

Hydraulic cylinders, also referred to as linear hydraulic motors, are form of mechanical actuators that use a single direction stroke to produce a single direction force. This cylinder is used in an extensive array of applications involving construction equipment, manufacturing machinery, civil engineering, and engineering vehicles. An experienced hydraulic cylinder company can provide you with quality cylinder products to meet various applications.

Operation of a Linear Hydraulic Motor

This cylinder obtains its power from pressurized fluids – for example, oil. There are many parts that go into the construction of this cylinder to ensure its reliable and smooth operation. The parts include the cylinder barrel in which the piston rod in piston are connected and operate with a back-and-forth motion. The cylinder head covers one end and the cylinder cap or bottom covers the other end. The head exits the cylinder at the cylinder head.

There are two chambers that divide the inside of the cylinder by the piston. One chamber is referred to as the piston rod side chamber on the rod end and the other is referred to as the bottom chamber on the cap end. A two-part system is involved with the motor or actuator as the hydraulic cylinder as well as a hydraulic pump.

The hydraulic pump delivers a controlled flow of fluid (usually oil) to the cylinder which causes the piston go in motion while pushing the oil located in the other chamber into the reservoir. The cylinders include seals matching their application to ensure they are effectively sealed and operate at the required level of performance.

Hydraulic Cylinder System Benefits

There are various types of hydraulic cylinders to meet the needs of diverse applications. These devices can provide outstanding performance for requirements pertaining to relocating dirt with an off-highway vehicle, material handling with forklifts, and agricultural vehicles such as tractors, etc. Hydraulic cylinders can transfer a large amount of power. They can also be easily modified to accommodate new applications.

If you are in the market to benefit from one or more hydraulic cylinders for your projects or applications, contact an experienced provider of the cylinder products today.

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