What To Look For In Gas Fireplace Heaters

What To Look For In Gas Fireplace Heaters

Fireplaces have undergone a variety of improvements since they first came into being. The appearance of the flames increasingly mimics those of a classic wood fireplace. Moreover, gas fireplace heaters are continually improving on such attractive qualities as energy efficiency. Such advancements continue to make shopping for a gas fireplace heater both enjoyable and challenging.

Choosing the Right Type

Three categories of gas fireplaces are commonly available in America and Canada. These are:

1. Free-standing models

2. Inserts

3. Zero-clearance or vent free units

These allow consumers to make a decision based on the ability of their current venting system to support a gas fireplace. It is critical first to understand the demands and constrictions of your existing heating system before you consider any of the models. You need to know:

* Is there a space to vent?

* Do you have a chimney?

* Do you want to place the fireplace in a non-standard location?

Once you have the answers to those questions, you can consider your options. These do vary according to your existing circumstances. For example, those lacking a chimney find direct vent gas fireplace heaters attractive and compatible with their structural needs. A vent free model does not require a chimney but vents the gases and incoming air through a solid pipe system and out through the wall or the roof. In addition to the above attractions, you can install these models in any room.

Other qualities you need to consider before purchasing any gas model are vital to lowering your heating bill. These are energy efficiency, maintenance, and cost-effectiveness. Such factors need not interfere with other aspects such as attractiveness.

Gas Fireplace Heaters

With so many available options, choosing a gas fireplace is challenging. Make sure you know what you want and need. You also need to keep in mind such qualities as energy efficiency. After all, this is the reason you are considering gas fireplace heaters in the first place.

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