The Ins and Outs of Fireplace Installation

A fireplace is still a uniquely desirable addition to many homes. There are few things better than sitting by a fire on a cold winter’s eve. If you are not lucky enough to already have a fireplace in your home, you may be considering having one installed. The aesthetic charm and practical warmth offered often add value to your house. This typically makes such an addition a wise investment.

It is advisable to do extensive research and review your options before committing to fireplace installation in West Michigan. Fireplaces fall into one of three categories: manufactured, gas and masonry.


Manufactured fireplaces may also be referred to as prefabricated or zero-clearance. These are usually easier and less expensive to install than masonry fireplaces. They typically require much less construction work. They are often lightweight and have enclosed fireboxes that remain cool, so that they can be installed directly over hardwood floors and within inches of existing walls. Options may include gas, electrically powered or wood-burning.


Although gas fireplaces don’t often offer the sounds or smell of a traditional wood fire, they usually create a nice ambiance and provide more warmth. They are typically easy to start, and you eliminate the danger of errant embers escaping. Many individuals choose to go gas because if its environmental friendliness. Gas fireplaces usually don’t require a ton of room, and some even come with thermostat control.


Typically, the most expensive option for fireplace installation in West Michigan is a wood-burning masonry fireplace. Many people love this more traditional option, though. It usually consists of a brick or stone firebox, brick or stone chimney, and, often, a wood mantel. Installation could come with a variety of challenges, but the result is often worth it.

If you’re considering having a fireplace installed in your home, it is wise to do your research first. There are a variety of options to choose from, so you are likely to find something that suits your wants and needs. Visit the website for more information.

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