Direct Vent Fireplace – Enjoy Highly Efficient Cozy Warmth in Your Home

Direct Vent Fireplace – Enjoy Highly Efficient Cozy Warmth in Your Home

Fireplace technology has advanced significantly compared to several decades ago. Many people of a certain age can remember the old-style fireplaces of the past that burned wood, produced smoke and soot and required extensive cleanup. These fireplaces did not produce heat in an efficient manner. However, modern direct vent fireplace units are highly efficient and can bring you and your family the warmth you need anytime of the year with great efficiency.

Operation of the Direct Vent Gas Fireplace

These fireplaces operate by channeling the outside air into the fireplace unit’s sealed combustion system. The unit transports cooler air to a bottom chamber and firebox in which the error is circulated. From there, the warmed air is transferred into the living by a fan. The comfortable, radiant heat produced is the perfect solution for those seeking warmth on a cold fall, winter, or early spring night. In addition, these fireplaces allow for the safe transport of exhaust gases through a vent to the outside air, enabling the interior air within the room to remain free from unnecessary pollutants.

Excellent Heating Efficiency

A direct vent fireplace that is fueled by gas functions at a high level of efficiency. If you are within the vicinity of why these fireplaces when it is operating, you will distinctly noticed the distribution of heat that filters into the room. These direct vent units can often distribute heat with a 70 to 75 percent efficiency, far exceeding the efficiency of traditional, old-style wood-burning fireplaces that were popular in the past.

When these fireplaces are installed, part of the installation can ensure the exhaust gases are vented up through the ceiling of the room through the use of a flexible than with customized routing as needed.

Enhance Your Décor

There are various styles and colors available you can consider as a homeowner when decide to have a direct vent fireplace installed in your home. You can also look forward to the beautiful claim presentation that is offered by these units which can bring enjoyment to you and your family for hours on end.

If you are ready to add an efficient source of heating to your living space that also beautifies your interior décor, contact an experienced fireplace supplier serving your area to learn about your options.

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