Preparing Items For Recycling Hartford CT

Preparing Items For Recycling Hartford CT

When a community undertakes a refuse collection project to beautify a neighborhood, knowing how to dispose of items properly is a concern. Bringing reusable items to a facility that does Recycling Hartford CT is a part of this process. It is important to prepare these items for recycling before they are brought to business. Here are some steps to take after the collection process is completed.

Find Out Specifics From A Service

It is best to contact a company that handles the recycling process to find out if they have rules in place regarding the drop-off or pick-up of recyclable items. Some business request that cans are crushed or that glass is broken into pieces before it is brought to their facilities. Others, however, would rather receive the items in its original shape and will handle the breaking down process at their plant. When calling a service, inquire about which items are not accepted so they are not brought to the facility unnecessarily.

Separate Like Items And Place In Containers

Before bringing items to a recycling business, separate them into piles according to what they are made from. For example, place magazines, newspapers, or old books in a pile as they are all paper products. Keep aluminum soda cans separate from glass bottles. This makes the recycling process easier for the business that accepts these items.

Remove Non-Recyclable Portions Beforehand

After items are separated by the material they are comprised from, remove any portions that cannot be recycled from each item. Take off caps on bottles, peel off labels from cans, and remove string, rubber bands, or staples from paper products. Not all recycling services require that customers do these steps so it is best to check with a service beforehand to find out if it is necessary.

When there is a desire to help the environment Recycling in Hartford CT, bringing items to a reputable business to handle this process is key. Contact Calamari Recycling Co Inc today to find out more about the services they provide to their customers. Visit the website to obtain contact information if needed.

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