5 Ways to Enjoy that Cruise Down the Nile

If you love Shakespeare’s play “Antony and Cleopatra” and find yourself fascinated with the thought of pyramids, colorful bazaars, and the donkey or camel rides in the desert, then spending a few days of vacation time in Egypt is the best way to go. Here are a few tips to help you turn this into your most memorable trip yet.

Pack right

Bring along bug spray, a mini flashlight, and tissues. You may also want to toss in a hand fan and binoculars along with a hand cleanser, sunscreen, and hat into your bag. Being prepared for your trip will help you enjoy every minute of being on board that cruise ship.

Pick the right time

Before you buy an Egypt Holidays tour package, make sure you time it right. August is a good time if you want a lot of suns. And while water levels are low from October to May, you can still find plenty of travel agencies offering tours year-round. The best time to visit, though, is any time between December and February. It’s hot but not so humid, the Telegraph says.

Do your homework

Say yes to that Egypt Holidays tour package only after you’ve asked about the details. Know what services are covered in the package to see if it’s worth it or not. If you’re traveling with a group, though, then a package can save you a lot of time and energy.

Learn the dress code

Don’t just dress for the heat. Respect the local culture. Women will need to refrain from short shorts or see-through articles of clothing. If you plan on visiting the temples or mosques, men and women will need to wear clothes that cover both your legs and upper arms.

Make friends

You’re going to meet plenty of people in your travels. Smile. Some of the people you’ll meet along the way could turn into your life-long friends.

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