7 Tips to Keeping Your Lawn Pest-Free

Tired of dealing with termites and insects that do nothing but destroy blooms and plants you’ve painstakingly planted in your lawn? If you want nothing more than to enjoy a pest-free lawn again, here are a few tips from Do It Yourself to help you make sense of things and provide you with tips on how to handle the pest infestation in your home:

1. Remove the undergrowth. Termites in your home can spread pretty quickly and wreak extensive damage to your things, equipment, furniture and more. So make sure you aren’t providing them with a handy breeding ground in your lawn. You can do this by looking over every inch of your yard and removing any undergrowth around your home. Vegetation lead to moisture which is what attracts termites and allows them to build colonies.

2. Take out any standing pools in your home. That’s number one in lawn care rules. Keep the termites from what they love: plenty of moisture.

3. Throw the scrap wood away. If you’ve got scrap wood in your yard and you’re letting it sit in your lawn all this time, then you’re pretty much sending the termites invitation to come over and play. Get rid of that log as soon as possible to ensure no termites take up permanent residence at your home.

4. Use treated lumber of outdoor furniture. If you’ve got plans to use wooden furniture pieces in your lawn, make sure you pick ones that have been chemically treated. This will help discourage the termites from eating through the wood. That or you might simply choose some other type of furniture to use.

5. Get rid of dead trees. If you’ve got a rotting log that used to be part of a tree struck down during a storm, then you’ll need to clear your home of any of these. Stumps as well as dead roots serve as a magnet for termites. Don’t give them the perfect breeding ground. Make sure your lawn is clean and clear of trash.

6. Go for inspections. One way to combat termite infestation is to make sure you have your home regularly inspected. That way, you’re able to catch any signs of infestation early on, preventing the problem—and that termite colony—from growing into an even worse problem.

7. Call for expert lawn care. If the condition of your has degenerated over the last few months or years, with nobody around to take proper care of it, then hiring the services of a pest control service and lawn care company can give you back your lawn, free from pests and stumps.

Above & Beyond Pest Control offers home and office pest removal services including rodents, spiders, bedbugs, and beetles control in Boynton Beach, Florida (FL).

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