7075 Aluminum: Properties and Applications

7075 Aluminum: Properties and Applications

Could you make use of 7075 aluminum plate right now? This is a strong, durable aluminum alloy used in a wide range of fabrication applications for equipment, components, and machines. Skilled suppliers with particular knowledge about alloys such as 7075 can help you obtain the exact product you need for your applications. Regardless of whether you need this alloy or another one, and experience aluminum metal supplier can help you access the sizes and shapes you need for your project.

Properties of 7075

As a durable and flexible material, 7075 alloy of aluminum comes in various tempers, such as 7075-T651, 7075-T6, and 7075-0. This alloy includes various material is configuration – chromium, aluminum, silicon, magnesium, and iron. With these elements incorporated into aluminum, the resulting alloy produced is stronger than basic aluminum with certain beneficial characteristics. With 7075 aluminum, the end-user can achieve the benefits of good strength-to-weight ratio and machinability.

7075 Applications

A wide array of applications can benefit from the 7000 series of aluminum alloys. The toughness of lightweight characteristics of grade 7075, for instance, are highly beneficial for use in various industries – aircraft, aerospace, automotive – due to its strong it malleable nature. This alloy is often incorporated into particular structural components such as valves, gears, fuse parts, and other parts subjected to high stress levels. You can obtain the high quality 7075 you need from an experienced and reliable aluminum metal supplier serving your area.

Machining and Welding

Grade 7075 aluminum has some similar characteristics of other aluminum alloys in that is easy to machine. This alloy is easier to machine and work with when it is in an annealed state rather than a cold stay. When in an annealed condition, forming becomes less of an issue. However, forming alloy 7075 is not usually recommended. Adequate results are obtainable through resistance welding with this grade of aluminum alloy. If you attempt to employ other forms of welding, such as art or gas welding, the natural anti-corrosive properties of 7075 may be reduced.

If you are in the market to benefit from the various characteristics and features provided by 7075 alloy, contact an experienced aluminum metal supplier today.

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