A Dentist in Annapolis Can Answer Questions About Removing Braces for Playing a Musical Instrument

by | Mar 17, 2016 | Dentist

Adults increasingly are having their teeth straightened with clear removable braces provided by a Dentist in Annapolis. These braces are intended to be worn at all times except when the individual is eating food, drinking any liquid except water, and cleaning the teeth and braces. People may have questions about other situations in which they probably should remove the aligner or whether it’s OK to leave it in. For instance, what if this individual participates in a band or orchestra and plays a wind or brass instrument?

The point of keeping the aligners on the teeth nearly all hours of the day is so the straightening process happens relatively quickly. The more time that the aligner is off the teeth, the longer it will take for the teeth to move into the desired position. Nevertheless, a Dentist in Annapolis will probably advise the patient to remove the aligner before playing an instrument if leaving it in has negative effects on playing. Even if the individual practices for an hour or two a day and participates in a concert every weekend, the aligner will still be in place most hours of the day.

Normally, an aligner should be on the teeth a minimum of 20 hours per day. The individual playing a trumpet or the flute may not meet this minimum on rehearsal or concert nights, but should at least come close on practice days. The trade-off may involve needing to wear the aligner for a lengthier time frame to achieve straight teeth. This musician might want to spend some time seeing whether at least practicing with the aligner in place is doable, even if it’s removed for an actual concert.

A clinic such as Annapolis Dental Associates can answer any questions people have if they are interested in removable braces. Some professional musicians must play wind or brass instruments for several hours per day five days per week. They should ask whether wearing the aligner only 15 to 18 hours a day will accomplish the goal within a reasonable time frame. The process will probably be an even longer time for these individuals.

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