A Different Approach to Waste Disposal in Minneapolis, MN

by | Feb 26, 2016 | Business & Economics

While most Americans depend on local garbage companies to pick up household refuse, Minneapolis residents have another option. They have access to facilities where they can dump anything from household waste to recyclable materials. Companies like Mudek Trucking and J & J Recycling combine do-it-yourself waste control, recycling services and dumpster rental.

Waste Professionals Deliver Dumpsters

When local constructions companies need to control project debris, they might make arrangements via a waste company website. Clients who Visit the Website can arrange to have specially designed 10-40 gallon dumpsters delivered. Technicians quickly deliver compactors and containers that provide efficient work site Waste Disposal in Minneapolis MN. As containers are filled, they are taken back to disposal-recycling centers where reusable materials are filtered out. The process allows clients to maintain safe job sites and keep tons of construction debris out of landfills.

Residents Enjoy DIY Recycling

Minneapolis-area residents can safely and responsibly dispose of tons of materials by delivering them to a nearby recycling center. The company they use for DIY Waste Disposal in Minneapolis MN will also accept roofing materials, appliances, batteries, carpeting, tires, rims and sheet rock. Some clients load up materials and drive them to facilities while others have dumpsters delivered to their homes. They may rent them when they are moving and cleaning out a house or for garage clean outs. Landlords routinely hire dumpsters when getting homes ready for new tenants and homeowners who are renovating use containers for debris.

Furniture and Mattress Recycling Conserves Resources

Customers who once had problems disposing of awkward furniture and mattresses can now take them to a Minneapolis full-service recycling center. The facilities accept mattresses of all sizes and types and provide shredding services. They will also dispose of couches, recliners, loveseats and chairs. Steel springs, from furniture is melted and used to create new items. Around 70% of cotton can be processed for re-use in carpets. Wood often becomes mulch and fabric may find new life in pet beds.

Do it yourself waste control and recycling centers provide a way for customers to dispose of unwanted mattresses and furniture. The facilities also accept household garbage and provide dumpsters that can be used to collect large amounts of waste. The same companies recycle tons of material, which reduces the need for landfills and conserves natural resources like cotton and steel.

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