A Few Facts About Glass Shower Screens

The bathroom tends to be the most outdated room in the home. Giving it that contemporary touch doesn’t have to cost a lot, because by getting new shower screens fitted, you can give the bathroom an immediate facelift. Glass is a strong and durable material that is used to manufacture shower screens. The perfect way to separate the shower from the toilet, a shower enclosure with a glass door can be personalised to instantly revive a dated space. Before you hire a specialist to fit glass shower screens, learn some little known facts about the versatility of glass and the design freedom it provides you with.

Simple Installation and Maintenance

Nobody wants to have to wait a long time for shower screens to be fitted and this is what makes glass a suitable material for people with limited time. Glass is used for a wide range of remodelling projects because not only is it durable but also, it is very versatile. It can be moulded into various shapes and can be used to manufacture folding screens, frameless screens or curved screens. Whatever style you opt for, you can expect it to be fitted in a timely manner, even if it is customised. Water, mild cleaning solutions and detergents can be applied to the glass to remove water marks and soap scum.

Glass Design Options

An attractive and practical choice, glass shower screens can be manufactured in a broad range of designs. If you want to make the shower area more private, consider getting shower screens fitted with frosted glass, as this glass is not transparent like normal glass. Patterns can also be etched or engraved onto glass for a personal touch. For an eye-catching touch, explore other production techniques such as stained glass, framed, frameless or semi-frameless.

The Impact Resistance Benefits

Glass has very strong breakage, impact resistance and strength characteristics, so you need not worry about it smashing easily when faced with unexpected force. Bespoke testing will usually be carried out on all pieces of glass before they are used to create doors and shower screens. This type of testing will determine its resistance to impact and the results will show whether or not the glass is suitable for its intended purpose. In some cases, a chemical treatment or controlled thermal treatment may be applied to toughen the glass and increase its overall strength.

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