A Few Tricks for DIY Basement Leak Repair in Baltimore

by | Jun 1, 2018 | Construction and Maintenance

Many homes in Maryland feature basements, which can be great if they’re in good shape since these underground rooms offer plenty of storage and can even be converted into extra living space. The problem with many older basements, though, is that they are prone to developing leaks. The easiest way to handle this common problem is to call a waterproofing expert for Basement Leak Repair in Baltimore, but there are a few steps that homeowners can take themselves toward fixing the problem before calling in a pro.

Check the Home’s Perimeter

Unless they are the result of a leaky plumbing system, basement leaks tend to start outside the home. The majority of them are a direct result of water run-off problems, so make sure that all of the home’s gutters are clean and in good working order and that any rain being caught in them is being directed away from the foundation of the home.

Check for Foundation Cracks

If there are visible cracks in the foundation, chances are water is going to find a way to seep in no matter how much maintenance is performed on the outside of the house. These cracks can generally be repaired, but fixing them without damaging the structural integrity of the foundation can be tough without adequate training and experience. If there are noticeable, large cracks in the basement’s walls, homeowners can either attempt to fix them themselves or they can call in a professional for Basement Leak Repair in Baltimore.

Try a Dehumidifier

If there are no noticeable cracks but a small amount of water is still seeping through, homeowners may be able to sufficiently address the problem through installing a dehumidifier. These devices remove the excess water from the air so that basements are not able to develop mold growth and belongings stored in them cannot incur water damage due to excess moisture. Of course, they don’t constitute an effective solution to serious leaks, but they can be helpful if the basement’s moisture problem is minor.

Get Help Today

In cases where it’s obvious that the help of a dedicated waterproofing specialist will be required, homeowners should remove their belongings from the basement and call to schedule an evaluation. Contact Armored Basement Waterproofing to get started today. Follow us on Twitter.

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