A Guide to Auto Glass Repair in Silver Spring, MD

A Guide to Auto Glass Repair in Silver Spring, MD

A cracked or chipped windshield isn’t just a blemish, it can be a serious safety issue. According to the experts, driving with windshield damage can risk the driver’s life and those of other motorists because it increases the chances of an accident. An improperly seated or damaged windshield can pop out during a crash, and it can compromise the entire vehicle’s structural integrity. While smaller chips can be repaired, larger damaged areas indicate the need for full replacement. Use the information below to find a reliable provider of Glass repair silver spring MD.


Most chips and cracks can be fixed for under $100. However, if the damage is too significant, a driver should look for professional windshield replacement. Although the process usually takes under an hour, it’s important to find a pro who has the expertise and tools for the job. First, the rubber weatherstripping should be replaced, and the windshield should be cleaned, prepped, and reinstalled with a urethane glue. Finally, the glue should be allowed to dry for a short while before the vehicle can be driven.

The Cost of Replacement

New windshields vary widely in cost, depending on the car’s make and model. Many insurance policies pay for windshield replacement, but drivers should check their coverage to confirm this detail. If someone isn’t sure whether they need replacement or Glass repair silver spring md, they should take the car for an evaluation as soon as possible.

Why Prompt Repairs are Important

If a star chip or a ding isn’t repaired quickly, it could turn into a severe crack that requires replacement. Extreme cold or heat can cause stress on the point of impact, causing a small chip to grow quickly. While guidelines vary, a good rule to follow is that any damaged area bigger than a quarter should be evaluated promptly.

Finding a Reliable Auto Glass Repair Company

Start the process by reading online reviews, which is a great way to find a reliable auto glass repair and replacement company. Get a minimum of three estimates and ask the experts which process the company uses for replacement. The Auto Glass Safety Council’s website is a great source of information on the industry and its safety standards. A car’s windshield is an important structural component and, as such, it should be repaired professionally. Visit site for more details or call Beltway Auto & Plate Glass for an estimate.

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