A Guide to Metal Ceilings in Westchester, NY

by | Apr 15, 2016 | Construction and Maintenance

The construction industry is quickly becoming homogenized. Rather than hire a contractor to build a unique, custom home, it’s quite common for customers to buy development homes that are similar to those in the surrounding area. While it’s possible to customize these homes to an extent, the variety that comes with a spec-built home is disappearing. Those looking for a way to escape the style monotony have many options, but none give the custom appearance of a metal ceiling Westchester NY.

The Basics of Metal Ceilings

During the 1800s and 1900s, pressed metal saw common usage as a wall and ceiling covering. It was also used for exterior purposes such as cornices, awnings, and storefronts. Stamped, painted ceiling panels were common, but metal tiles made of copper and brass were used for an impressive effect. Today, a variety of decorative metal products are available for residential ceiling use. There are many designs to choose from, and homeowners can get the look they want whether it’s traditional or contemporary.

Metal Ceiling Benefits

Metal ceilings enjoy continued popularity for multiple reasons. They last longer and are easier to maintain than other ceiling types, and they are very decorative. Here, homeowners have more choices available, and there’s a metal ceiling to match any home’s style. A metal ceiling Westchester NY serves practical functions as well, including security, sanitation, and sound absorption.

Stamped Metal

Metal ceiling panels are available in many sizes, finishes, colors, and patterns, and they can be found in chrome, brass, aluminum, copper and powder-coated finish. Accessories like moldings, coves, miters, and cornices can be found to complement the homeowner’s selection. Stamped metal panels are a great choice for installation as a backsplash or behind a wood-burning stove.

Traditional metal ceilings are built by nailing the panels in place while modern installations suspend the panels from grids. Many metal panels are designed for easy installation in new homes and remodeling projects, and concealed grid setups offer a traditional look without all the fuss.

Stamped metal ceilings require different installation techniques, and homeowners should click here to choose an experienced contractor. Finding the right installer for a Metal Ceiling Westchester NY may take some research on the homeowner’s part, but the results will be worthwhile. Metal ceilings aren’t as common as other varieties, and it’s very important for the homeowner to get multiple estimates and check the quality of each contractor’s work.

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