A Healthy Family Begin With Wichita Family Medicine Specialists

by | Mar 30, 2016 | Health

The best way to keep your family health is with regular visits to Wichita Family Medicine Specialists. Healthcare begins upon the birth of the child. An examination in the hospital, when they’re born, and continued well-child care visits will permit the doctor to be immediately alerted of any chances or growth concerns with the child. Children should also receive various vaccines to prevent contacting diseases. Adults should receive a yearly physical as well as preventive health care treatment in order to remain healthier throughout their life. Healthcare treatment by a family practice permits the entire family to be treated in caring and compassionate manner.

The physicians and staff will help with coordination the entire family’s care with visits to specialist physicians. If urgent or minor emergency care is needed, the Wichita Family Medicine Specialists will be able to perform treatment in the office. In addition, if minor surgery or office-based procedures are required, they can be scheduled and performed within the office instead of an outpatient facility. Traveling to a hospital or another location to receive routine blood work, X-rays and other procedures, can be obtained in the office instead.

Waiting for results from X-rays and blood work will no longer be a concern with a patient due to a helpful patient portal. This service is available through the physician’s office and allows patients to review their results conveniently on line. The patient portal can be accessed by speaking with the physician’s office an obtaining a sign-on and password connected to your health history. On major holidays, a family medical office is usually not open, but there’s always a way to reach a physician by telephone. It’s important to always bring your insurance card to every appointment and be prepared to pay any copay the health insurance company requires under the plan.

Enjoy a healthy life with help from a medical practice that can treat the entire family. The extensive services they offer will eliminate traveling to various medical facilities for treatment. Coordination of care through one physician will ensure that all of the treated someone needs is obtained. For more information on a medical practice that can treat the entire family, please visit Wichitafms.com.

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