A Lawyer in Brookfield WI Helps Men Obtain Desired Legal Results After Paternity Testing

A Lawyer in Brookfield WI can help a man who is dealing with the possibility that a child he thought was his perhaps is not. This situation can occur in a variety of circumstances. For one man, the circumstance may lead to anger, stress and heartbreak. For another, the possibility raises the hope of freedom from responsibility.

A woman might tell her boyfriend she is pregnant with his child, then accept his marriage proposal if he decides he wants them to become a family. What happens if, a few years later, she tells him she thinks someone else is the father? This information can send the man into an emotional tailspin after spending all this time believing a baby was his own. If paternity testing verifies that he indeed is not the biological father, a Lawyer in Brookfield WI can help with this man’s goals in the situation. Each man in this circumstance will have different feelings and preferences for how the issue is resolved.

For example, one man may want to wash his hands of the entire episode and get a divorce. He may want to cut all ties with the child. Unfortunately for this individual, a judge may determine that this man should continue paying a certain amount of financial support since he has been acting as the child’s father for three years. It’s essential for this man to have a skilled attorney for legal representation if he feels his wife has been taking advantage of him and will choose to do so in the future if possible.

Another man in the same situation may want to get a divorce but may feel so attached to the child that he wants to continue being a parent, even if that means providing child support. If the mother agrees, a firm such as Horizons Law Group LLC can set up this arrangement legally and document all the details regarding aspects such as shared custody or visitation. In contrast, if the mother disputes any future relationship with the little one, the man will need an attorney to help him seek visitation rights and prove this is in the interests of the child.

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