A Review of Some Commercial Roof Repair Solutions

If you’re looking for a place to cut your budget on a commercial project, it should not be on the roofing. Well-designed and properly manufactured and installed roofs will last a very long time. You will not save any money using a less-effective material because you will be paying for continual commercial roof repairs. Choosing the correct roofing system for your commercial needs is the key to a long-lasting structure.

Roof Coatings
Be sure that your roof membrane is completely waterproof. Water damage is the most common reason for needing a commercial roof repair. A well-manufactured and properly installed roof coating system will ensure that the commercial building remains strong and dry, and it will increase the life span of the roof. Most roof coating options also improve the overall look of the building’s roof.

Metal Roofing
In many cases, metal roofs are the best solution for a construction job site or commercial building. It is especially important to have a quality waterproofing system in place for metal roofs as they are prone to rust if not properly maintained. Weatherproofing a metal roof can be difficult. Choose a quality manufacturer to design the weatherproofing system as well as a quality contractor to install it in order to avoid a commercial roof repair down the road.

Foam Roofs
Foam roofs offer the most insulation for your commercial building. Although they last a long time, (about 20 years), foam roofs do require some continual maintenance as well. Be sure that the foam roof is completely coated to avoid exposure to the sun’s UV rays. The roof will need to be recoated every few years to ensure a tight seal and full protection from the sun. These roofs are typically chosen for their insulation properties so if the foam density is decreased or the properties damaged, the effectiveness of this roofing system will be greatly decreased.

Water, Water, Water
It is no secret that water causes the most damage to roofs. Have the roof on any commercial building inspected every few years to ensure that the waterproofing system is still working effectively. Ensuring that a qualified manufacturer and contractor worked together to create the waterproofing system should guarantee a long-lasting roof.

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