A Review of the Case with a SSD Attorney in Whidbey Island, WA

A Review of the Case with a SSD Attorney in Whidbey Island, WA

In Washington, disabled individuals who wish to acquire social security disability benefits must start by submitting an application. The application requires extensive information about the disability. It also provides the opportunity to submit medical records to support the claim. However, some cases are still denied. The following is a review of a social security disability case with an SSD attorney in Whidbey Island, WA.

What Are Qualifying Conditions?

A qualifying condition is either mental or physical in nature. It must present some form of disability that prevents the individual from working. This could include incapacity as well as conditions that are debilitating. The condition must prevent them from holding down a steady job due to the condition identified in their application.

Adequate Evidence of the Condition

Adequate evidence is needed for the identified condition. These records should start on the date in which the individual was diagnosed initially. The records must show all treatment used for the condition and how well they have managed it. A doctor must also present notes about the condition as to whether or not it is curable or could be corrected.

The Effects of the Condition

The effects of the condition must stop the individual from working in any industry including those that cater to disabled individuals. The condition must be severe enough to cause serious hardships for the individual. It can also be a terminal condition that was diagnosed recently.

Guidelines for Receiving Social Security Disability

Any individual who has worked previously can acquire disability if they are unable to work in different job positions. This must include the work that they did previously as well as a variety of other industries. They cannot acquire disability benefits based solely on an inability to work in their preferred field.

In Washington, disabled individuals who want to acquire disability benefits file an application through the Social Security Administration. This agency determines if the records included in the claim are adequate for proving the existence of a qualifying injury. Claimants who need assistance contact a SSD attorney in Whidbey Island, WA directly or Browse the website for more information now.

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