A Simple Guide to Choosing Skips in Exeter for Commercial or Domestic Needs

Have you recently completed a home renovation project and want to banish mess from your property grounds? Perhaps you are a business owner who has a focus on health and safety? Whatever your circumstances and your requirements for waste disposal, it’s a good idea to hire skips in Exeter. A skip is a metal container that can be used to hold all kinds of bulky waste, such as bricks, wood, roof tiles and plasterboard, among many other materials. Before you contact a company to book one, decide which one best suits your needs.

Midi Skip

If you only want to remove a small amount of waste from your property, then consider a midi skip. The smallest type of container available from companies that offer skips in Exeter, midi skips will be delivered to your premises and collected when full. Ideal for small refurbishments and home renovation projects, they can hold pieces of furniture and small components that are not hazardous. If you are concerned about being eco-friendly, make sure you ask the company if they recycle the contents of the skip once it has been collected.

Maxi Skip

These skips in Exeter are the same as midi skips, only larger. Sizes usually go up to 40 cubic yards and the price you pay will depend on the size. Maxi skips can be used for garden or home renovations, and many are designed with drop down doors. This door can be closed when you are not using the skip, which will hold bulky waste. Heavy duty, maxi skips are suitable for customers with domestic or business needs. Should road permits be required, the company supplying a skip should be able to assist.

Roll On Roll Off Skip

Designed with low sides and wheels for easy loading and unloading, a roll on roll off skip will hold large volumes of waste. Commercial and domestic clients will choose these skips for the fact that they will hold most types of waste, meaning the job can be completed in one go. A mechanical hook winch will be used to load and unload the roll on roll off skip onto a truck, which can be sent to your property on a day and time that suits you.

Looking for value for money skips in Exeter? If so, look no further than EMS Waste Services, which is a company offering a wide range of skip sizes and styles. Call 01395 233 748 to get a quote.

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