A NY Helicopter Tour Proposal

by | Sep 11, 2014 | Online Business

When you decide to propose to that special someone, you wrack your brain for the perfect moment to pop the question. A NY helicopter tour could be the way to set the mood that you’ve been searching for and give your future spouse the thrill of a lifetime. Imagine flying over the city and seeing the sights from above and, when you land, you top it off by getting on one knee for the surprise that’s completely unexpected.

Your Moment in the Sky
Crate a special moment above the city while you look at the skyline and the beauty of New York with your significant other. Watch the world fly by and make sure that the moment is perfect as you prepare for the best time of your life to begin.

  • As you look the Statue of Liberty in the eyes and see the bridges and rivers of New York from above on your NY helicopter tour. Get inspired to ask the question you’ve been longing to ask as you see the lights of the city at night from above. View the best part of the skyline and set the mood for what’s to come.
  • If you take a romantic trip for your proposal, end it on a note that won’t be forgotten when you use helicopter airport transfers. Get a VIP ride home after you make the first memory of a new chapter in your life and keep that amazing feeling going right up until you arrive home.
  • Arrange a chartered flight for you and your significant other to a special destination where you’ll have the moment you create in the sky. Use a chartered flight to arrive or depart in style before or after you’ve popped the question. Imagine the look on your future spouse’s face when you arrive in a helicopter to ask for a hand in marriage.

The spectacular views of the city from a helicopter are sure to make the love of your life swoon and create the feeling that you’re falling in love for the first time again. Make a memory and a tradition that you can relive over and over for many years to come.

Flawless Planning
For such an important moment, you’ll need a plan that won’t go wrong and trusted people to help you make that happen. The caring customer service representatives of New York Helicopter will help you create the moment that you’re hoping to have in the sky. The experienced pilots with excellent safety records are committed to making your NY helicopter tour the ride that starts your ultimate love story. Begin your life with your love in the best and most beautiful way possible with views of NYC that you’ll never forget.

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