A Sliding Glass Door in Prince George’s County Offers Advantages Over Ordinary Exit Doors

by | May 26, 2017 | Business

People enjoy the advantages of patio doors, including a great deal more natural light in the home and the opportunity to let in more fresh air through an oversized screen door. Replacing an ordinary exit door with a sliding Glass door in Prince George’s County can be a relatively big remodeling project, which is why most homeowners choose to have a remodeling contractor or a professional glass installation contractor do the job. These doors are typically made of tempered glass or laminated glass for safety purposes. Tempered glass breaks into little pieces when it is hit hard enough instead of shattering into sharp shards. Laminated glass, which is the kind used in hurricane zones, is extremely difficult to break. This is the type of glass used in windshields. It may crack when struck, but it holds together because of a sheet of plastic between two layers of glass.

A sliding Glass door in Prince George’s County typically has two panes of glass. This makes the door quite heavy and provides plenty of insulation, usually more than any other glass feature in the home. The construction allows the door to slide easily despite its weight. Many individuals are a little wary of this kind of glass manufacturing, having seen windows with condensation between the panes. The problem occurs when the air becomes cooler outside, causing condensation because of the warmer air on the other side of the glass inside the house. In these patio doors, seals around the door prevent moisture from getting through, so there never is any moisture between the panes.

The doors are very energy efficient, which is important with a home feature that essentially is a small glass wall. The glass is manufactured to prevent excess heat from entering the home through ultraviolet light, and the doors block heat, humidity, and cold. People who are only familiar with patio doors installed before 1960 may have never seen the superb models that are used today and provided by a company such as Beltway Auto & Plate Glass. Browse the Site to learn more about this particular organization and to find contact details.

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