A Truck Accident Lawyer in Live Oak, FL Knows Common Causes of Heavy Truck Accidents

by | Jul 27, 2016 | Lawyers

Accidents involving semi-trucks and other heavy trucks actually are infrequent compared with collisions among passenger vehicles. However, when they do occur, they can result in catastrophic consequences. These accidents are sometimes mainly the fault of the passenger vehicle driver and other times the responsibility of the big rig driver. Many factors have a role in these types of collisions. A truck accident lawyer in Live Oak, FL offers free consultations to people who have been hurt in an accident of this nature. During a consultation, the person answers questions and learns whether or not they have a good case against the trucking company.

What are some of the factors that place responsibility on the truck driver or the employer? A commonly seen aspect of evidence is a very fatigued driver traveling. Truck drivers who have been working very long hours or who have felt pressured to travel more hours than legally allowed can nod off at the wheel, respond slowly to unexpected events, and make unwise decisions behind the wheel. Some drivers take high-dosage caffeine pills or illegal stimulants, and their effects can lead to aggressive behavior toward others traveling on the road.

Another factor that a truck accident lawyer in Live Oak, FL is acquainted with is an employee that delays maintenance and repairs on equipment in an effort to save money. In a rush to pick up a load or make a delivery, the driver may decide to dispense with the daily safety inspection of the vehicle before starting out. All these factors can lead to tire blow-outs, brake failure, steering malfunctions and other dangerous situations. Any breakdown that requires the truck to stand still alongside a busy highway is hazardous for motorists.

An attorney such as Duane E. Thomas believes individuals and employers should be held accountable for this type of episodes. Serious accidents involving heavy trucks can cause long-term physical and emotional problems for the injured persons. It may be months before they can return to work, and they may need surgery and ongoing physical therapy sessions. Sometimes, permanent disability and chronic pain is the result of the collision. Please visit the website Northfloridaautoaccidentlawyer.com for more information on this particular attorney.

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