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by | Jun 7, 2018 | Lawyers

Those that are proactive and hire Accident Lawyers in Lake City FL can count on them to handle the logistics of their case. This allows the client time to focus on their recovery. The lawyer will interview any onlookers that witnessed the accident, obtain testimony from expert witnesses that are able to shed light on the liability, calculate the damages, and then negotiate with the other party for a fair settlement. There are things that must happen prior to any of these details taking place. Here are some important items for the injured party to take care of immediately following an accident.

Identify any Witnesses

Ask any witnesses if they are willing to remain on the scene long enough to provide the officers with an official statement. This can be pedestrians, business owners, or other motorists that witnessed what took place. If they won’t stay, get their names and contact information so that the accident attorney can reach out to them when building the case.

Document the Accident Scene

Use a telephone to photograph the scene from every possible angle before leaving. Make sure to capture the weather and road conditions, also any signs or signals that affect the traffic flow. If there is no way to document the scene while the vehicles are still in place, at a minimum photograph the extent of each car’s damage in separate photos.

Record Visible Injuries

Take photographs of any bruises or lacerations the day of the accident. Then, take photos each day afterward to track their progress and eventual healing. Allow time to journal the progress of any internal injuries, and how they affect everyday life.

Visit a Doctor

In situations where medical attention is declined at the scene, visit an urgent care facility or primary care physician as soon as possible. Some injuries from impact are not always immediately apparent. They can still cause serious complications if not treated. It is essential to seek medical attention even when feeling fine. Then, follow any doctor’s orders closely. Failing to follow the medical advice can be used by the opposing party to argue that the claimant is responsible some of the damages.

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