Advantages of Aquariums and Livestock Tanks in New York City Medical Offices

Aquariums holding fish, coral or other wet livestock bring many advantages to medical waiting rooms, consulting rooms and offices. They not only look great but they help to calm patients down when they are under considerable stress. Here are just some of the advantages of aquariums in medical offices, presented by Aquarius Aquariums.

Less Painkiller Needed

Some studies suggest that patients who watch fish tanks before a dentist appointment needed less Novacaine or other painkillers during their procedures. Watching a fish tank for a few minutes calmed down a patient as much as a hypnosis session. There is something undeniably hypnotic in the movements of fish, plants and other creatures in the water. Some patients also seem to calm at the sounds of an aquarium — the bubbling water, the hum of the air filters and other constant yet soothing noises of a healthy fish tank. More studies need to be done to determine exactly why watching fish or Livestock Tanks in New York City helps calm people and make them feel more relaxed.

It’s Good Feng Shui

People who believe in the benefits of feng shui are always delighted to see a fish tank. According to feng shui tradition, a fish tank brings luck and affluence to whatever building it is housed in. There are no studies to support these beliefs, but some studies have shown that watching a fish tank for a few minutes can lower heart rates, blood pressure and stress levels. Perhaps this is the good luck that fish tanks are supposed to bring.

Benefits to Medical Staff

It’s not just patients that benefit from having a fish tank in the office. Doctors, nurses and office staff also enjoy watching a fish tank in between their chores. It’s good to see that one place of calm and tranquility exists even when everything in the office is going crazy.

In Conclusion

Fish tanks and Livestock Tanks in New York City medical offices provides many benefits for patients, caregivers and office staff. Lessen the stress of taking care of tank by hiring a professional service to install, maintain and stock the tank for you. You get all of the benefits and none of the work.

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