How to Polish & Restore Terrazzo Floors

There’s nothing like the sight of miles of polished floors to welcome you home. Shiny floors always invite you to take off your shoes and enjoy going around your home barefoot.

But if your terrazzo floors are stained, cloudy, and even sticky, it puts the kibosh on your plans right away. No worries, though. With a little polish and restoration help, your floors will soon be good as new.

Prepare the Floor

Clear the area. That includes any pieces of furniture in the room. Put up a waterproof covering on your walls. The covering should touch the floor. Otherwise, the lower portion of your walls will be stained. Keep the covering in place with tape. Then, fill up the room with an inch of water.

Have the Grinder Ready

Don’t buy one, though, says Do It Yourself. Renting it makes better sense than buying this power tool. You probably won’t get many uses for a surface grinder in your lifetime, so opt for a rental. Connect the hose attachment to the grinder after you fill up the room with water. Then, start grinding.

Grind Away

Don’t rush. Take your time. Move the grinder slowly over the surface until you’ve covered every inch of the floor. If your terrazzo floors are cement-based, though, remember to install the diamond brick on the tool before you get started.

Check Your Progress

The water in the room should get muddy soon enough. Remove it with a vacuum cleaner. Then, take a long gander at the floor. If you still aren’t satisfied, put in the water and grind away until you’re satisfied.


This is where you get to make your floor shine again. Apply polishing powder and use a buffer to work it into the surface. Rinse with water. Repeat until you get the polish and gleam you’ve always wanted.

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