Using Insect Control in Tulsa OK During Fireplace Season

When someone uses a fireplace during winter months, there is a risk of having insects get into the home if precautionary steps are not taken when tending to a wood pile. Insects tend to harbor in between wood pieces during cooler months, so they have a safe place to live until temperatures rise. Here are a few steps one can take to keep their home free of pests with the use of Insect Control in Tulsa OK.

It is important to visually inspect each piece of wood being brought into a home beforehand. If insects are noticed on a piece of wood, it can be left outdoors and another piece can be selected at that time instead. It may be beneficial to look at the wood with help from a magnifying glass, so smaller species are seen.

Do not bring wood into a home to store for use in the fireplace. It is best to wait until the time the wood is needed instead. Bringing in extra pieces to use at a later time can lead to insects crawling out of the wood to intrude upon areas of the home. Only use what is needed and keep going outdoors to get new pieces as necessary.

It is important not to purchase wood from far away. There are laws in place regarding this in many areas of the country. Transporting wood to a new area can lead to the transfer of insects to an unfamiliar habitat. They may then disperse in the area and multiply in number. This can lead to the destruction of vegetation in the area that may not have been a problem in the past.

If there are signs that insects crawled away from logs into the home, it is best to call a service dealing with Insect Control in Tulsa OK to come to the rescue. They would have the means to eradicate insects in their entirety without damage to the home or injury to people or pets. If a wood-user is in need of help of this type, they can Click here to find out more about a reliable company in the area.

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