Advantages of Fiber Cement Siding for Exterior Home Remodeling in Indianapolis

One way to completely spruce up the exterior of a house during Home Remodeling in Indianapolis is to replace the siding. Homeowners can choose an entirely different color and even a different material. In some neighborhoods, fiber cement siding has become the material of choice. In fact, it’s currently the fastest-growing choice for residential siding in the market, and it’s only been around for some 30 years. People typically don’t realize how prevalent the material has become because it looks so much like other building products.

Fiber cement siding contains a combination of wood pulp and Portland cement. The cement content makes it very durable as compared with pure wood siding. It’s not vulnerable to termites, carpenter ants or gradual rotting due to moisture. Mice can’t chew their way through the siding along the foundation. Chipmunks and squirrels won’t try to sharpen their teeth on the edges or try to use the resulting sawdust for nests. Manufacturers can construct the siding to look like wood or like masonry, including brick and stone. That makes it suitable in practically any neighborhood, and it looks authentic on old, historic homes. At this point in time, most homeowners are choosing the fiber cement product that looks like wood.

This relatively new option is available in a variety of textures and hues, and it can be installed in horizontal or vertical panels. The siding also is available in shingle-type and shake-style designs. Homeowners have the option of getting the siding painted if they eventually get tired of the color or if they have a specific color in mind that is not yet available. When it comes to exterior Home Remodeling in Indianapolis, most people choose horizontal panels, but the other two options are intriguing for certain home styles. This also can dramatically change the appearance of the house, even more than a color change does. Shingle-style siding is often associated with Cape Cod designs, but it works well in nearly any home. A contractor such as Amos Exteriors Inc recommends James Hardie siding for the fiber cement products and is ready to install the material according to the customer preferences.

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