Advantages of Offset Printing in Chicago for Retailers

In the printing world today, retailers find two choices: digital and offset. Each has its own advantages, but if you are printing mass amounts of the same material, such as magazines, books, brochures, newspapers, brochures, or stationery, then offset printing usually makes the most sense.


Printers make a plate with images on it for offset printing. While some business owners find that the initial cost to produce the plate is a little higher than they would like, once the printer produces the plate, the cost of printing the individual items is much less than with digital printing. This allows retailers to enjoy a lower price per unit.

Better Quality Images

If you took a digitally printed image and laid it next to an offset printed image, you would notice a tremendous difference in quality. The digital print would show large blocks of color, while the offset image shows richer colors, smaller dots, and many more details, allowing the finished printed product to have a much better appearance.

Creative Uses

Digital products must be printed with basic ink, severely limiting the range of creative things that a retailer can do when creating projects. Meanwhile, offset printing allows the retailer to do many creative things because they have a much larger selection of available inks. Ultraviolet, spot, and metallic inks are just a few of the choices. Furthermore, the user can choose to create specific moods by having ultraviolet, flat, satin, matte, or high-gloss finishes applied to the paper.

Base Material

The different mediums that offset printers can print on is simply amazing. For example, printers can print on wood, cloth, leather, plastic, paper, metal, and rough paper. Retailers can choose to create a variety of projects and still have them coordinated. These projects are usually quick and easy to produce.


If you are like many retailers, by the time you get around to creating the project, you need it immediately. Alternatively, something may have occurred that means that you need to get to press immediately. In fact, some of the fastest printers on the market are offset printers. Retailers who need to respond to changing market trends should consider offset printing in Chicago.

Armed with this information, retailers should come up with many creative uses for products printed in this manner. Imagine having an advertisement in a magazine showcasing your products, putting banners outside the store with those same images, and being able to use large posters inside the store. Coordinating a campaign by advertising it through various mediums impresses customers, who often buy on emotions. Therefore, the retailer’s return on investment naturally goes up.

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