All About Critical Care Flight Nursing

Most of us have some experience with nurses, but did you know that there are some nurses who spend most of their working hours in the sky? Critical care flight nurses are among the most highly-trained and skilled nursing professionals in the world. Learn more about this exciting, life-changing career here – as well as how to become a flight nurse yourself.

The Role of a Flight Nurse

What exactly does a flight nurse do? Well, besides the fact that they are fully trained, fully licensed and practicing nurses, they also provide their skills to those who are being transported via airplane or helicopter.

This comes in many forms. Critical care nurses are typically tasked with working in helicopters and other, less-stable environments. They provide emergency care for those who must be moved immediately, and for which air transport is the only option.

Travel nurses and non-emergency care providers often accompany patients on longer journeys on either private or commercial airlines. They may also work with hospitals or clinics, but typically work in private or third-party agencies.

Becoming a Flight Nurse

There is no actual degree program for becoming a flight nurse. This is because flight nursing requires both education and real-world experience. In most cases, people must have been practicing nurses for several years just to apply for a flight nursing position.

In addition to a registered nursing degree, five to ten years of nursing experience is recommended for flight nursing positions. This is because the kind of trauma and stress that these responders face is very jarring for someone with less experience and may be beyond their skill set. Experience helps ensure that once you take to the sky, you’re ready to provide excellent care to every patient, every time.

For more information about becoming a critical care flight nurse or for employment opportunities in your area, contact your local provider of travel and flight nursing services.

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