All About Stair Lifts – Your Guide to Getting Your Own

All About Stair Lifts – Your Guide to Getting Your Own

Do you have stairs in your home? Are those stairs – indoor or outdoor – keeping you from being as mobile as you once were? Is that limited mobility negatively impacting your life? If the answers to these questions were affirmative, you should consider a chair lift for stairs.

But I Can Still Climb!

Many people are resistant to installing a stair lift because they feel like it’s somehow “giving up”. This is simply not true. There are many people of all ages and levels of physical ability that enjoy the assistance of stair lifts to take stress off their joints and make in-home mobility easier. Whether you’re looking to age in place at your own home or are an injured athlete looking to speed your healing time by staying off your injured limb, there is a type of stair lift suitable for your needs!

To Rent or Not to Rent

One way to cut costs on a chair lift for stairs is to rent one. There are facilities all over the United States that provide stair lift rental. These are a great place to look when you have an elderly or injured house guest coming to stay for a short period or want to try the assistance of a stair lift without committing to having one permanently installed.

The problem with renting a stair lift is that the cost can actually be higher in the long term. Rental costs are typically higher than outright payments would be, especially when you’re able to finance your chair in a way that allows for lump sum payments. Also, there is the problem of installation and removal (and re-installation) should you need to move any time in the near future. Truly, for those that are in need of long-term use of a stair lift, renting may not be the best solution.

Getting Mobile Again

When you’re ready to learn more about getting your own chair lift for stairs, consult your Philadelphia, PA medical supply company. They’ll guide you toward finding the solutions that will help make you mobile again – without losing your life savings in the process!

Don’t let age or ailment stop you from enjoying the life you love. Get on the phone or online, get the stair lift you need, and get mobile!

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