How to Choose the Perfect Ceiling Fan Size for Your Room

How to Choose the Perfect Ceiling Fan Size for Your Room

Despite their reputation as an unattractive addition to a room, it’s hard to beat the energy savings that a ceiling fan can offer. You can find very attractive modern celling fans with lights in Victoria, BC, at our showroom that will make it no sacrifice at all to install these handy features. But how do you know what size fan to get? In general, the bigger the room, the bigger the fan – but what if you intend to install two fans in one large space? Here are some tips for choosing the perfect fan size for your needs.

Match Blade Span to Square Feet

Unless you intend to install multiple fans in one room, the general rule of thumb is the one to go with. A large fan, with a large blade span (how much space the blades take up when they are spinning), is best suited for a large room. When you visit us to find ceiling fans with lights in Victoria, BC, look closely at the blade span of each fan. If the blade span is less than 36 inches, for example, you shouldn’t put it in any room larger than 75 square feet. This is made for a bathroom or utility area.

On the other hand, if you are trying to cool off a great room or a studio apartment, and the space is larger than 400 square feet altogether, look for a fan that has more than 52 inches of blade span diameter.

Consider the Height of the Fan

Another thing to consider is how far down from the ceiling your fan will hang. If you have a low ceiling that isn’t much taller than eight feet, you’ll need a flush mount fan. To keep everyone safe, a fan should always be at least seven feet from the blade to the floor. If you have a very tall ceiling, you’ll want a longer downrod to ensure that you can feel the air moving.

Choose the right size downrod based on the rule of thumb that a fan should be at least seven feet off the ground. If your ceiling is only nine feet tall, a downrod that is less than 12 inches long will be the perfect length.

Find the Perfect Ceiling Fans with Lights in Victoria, BC

Now that you know how to find the right size for your ceiling fan, come by our showroom or contact us to learn more at 250-475-2561.

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