Manage a Real Estate Agency Using Transparent Management Programs

Manage a Real Estate Agency Using Transparent Management Programs

Online real estate management is the future of real estate for brokers, agents, clients and, vendors. Being able to manage a brokerage using a holistic and transparent approach is attractive aspects for users. Programs created by Reesio are inherently social, as well. Such programs have been designed to provide an experience much like Pinterest and Facebook. Add email and chat support to the mix and you have the opportunity to utilize management programs that can fully transform any real estate brokerage.

Utilize a Socially Aware Transaction Management Platform

Being able to use a real estate transaction management platform that is socially aware makes operating a brokerage much easier. This is especially true when Cloud-based management is also offered. Users will be able to field more offers for transactions on a Cloud platform and eliminate the process of accepting offers personally while also notifying additional agents of an offer status. Programs produced by Reesio are on the cutting-edge of real estate management programs. A transparent platform offers details about property, statuses and offer prices. Pages are guaranteed to be searchable and friendly so, a source of data is offered to consumers who want to look at a property on the internet.

Use a Single Platform Real Estate Management Program as a Marketing Tool

There is always a need for marketing tools in the real estate industry. You can add an integrated marketing tool and management program to your agency when you purchase transaction management programs from Reesio. Such a platform enables you to schedule appointments and much more with a full-circle approach that ensures information is in synch with your local MLS, as well. You will be able to keep information current about all listings so, consumers can easily shop for homes without being confused by misleading information on listings via Trulia, Zillow or MLS. Reinvent your real estate agency and how you work with your brokers and agents from a single platform. Visit us at for more details.

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