What Are The Benefits Of CASS Certified Software?

CASS-certified software, the Coding Accuracy Support System, was designed by the USPS to help evaluate the accuracy of addresses using validation options and matching. It uses the five-digit ZIP code, delivery point codes, and the ZIP+4, checking them all to ensure accuracy. If you have this type of program, you may qualify for lower postage rates and may save substantial amounts of money over time, especially if you use bulk mail for your campaigns.

Why It’s Needed

When mail is addressed incorrectly, the USPS is required to use more effort to deliver and sort it properly. This means they are taking more time out of their busy day to make sure everything is correct, which leads to higher costs in postage. They spend more to deliver your mail, so you have to pay more to have it delivered. Validation and verification can reduce the amount of mail that is improperly addressed, which increases their proficiency and reduces the number of people required to handle all the mail.

How To Find

The CASS-certified software can be found from many companies, but you must ensure that it is licensed and recognized by the USPS if you want the discounts on mail and other perks. The product you choose should tap into the USPS’s address database to make sure that addresses are correct and valid (meaning they can receive mail). This may help improve your ROI and will promote more profitability and trust with customers.

How It Works

You purchase and download the CASS-certified software to your network or computer. When you talk to potential customers and loyal ones, you will likely get information about them, including names and addresses. You will enter them into the system, and it will automatically correct any mistakes, such as if you typed in Avenue, it could change it to AVE or Ave., depending on the proper address.

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