Allvac 718: A Popular Super Alloy

When the product must function without problems at a minimum of 1000ºF, (540ºC) fabricators turn to a group of metals called the super or high-performance alloys. They provide the requisite high surface stability as well as resistance to deformation demanded from such applications. They also boast several other characteristics that make them almost ideal for the aerospace industry and cryogenic industries. Among the various superalloys is Allvac 718.

What Is Allvac 718?

This specific alloy is a member of the Inconel family of alloys. It mainly consists of two metals: nickel and chromium. However, it also contains relatively high levels of iron, niobium, and molybdenum as well as lesser quantities of aluminum and titanium. The result is an alloy with various qualities and properties. Fabricators utilize this particular alloy for the following reasons:

  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • Easy for use in fabrication
  • Good workability – both hot and cold
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Excellent strength
  • Temperature resistance
  • Highest level of weldability and very resistant to post-weld cracking

What fabricators and manufacturers alike also find attractive is the moderate cost of the alloy.

Typical Applications

Companies find this Inconel alloy desirable for use in diverse applications. Below are some of the major applications:

  • Blowout preventers
  • Castings for cryogenic applications
  • High-speed airframe castings
  • Fasteners for fire-safe valves
  • Jet engine castings
  • Land-based gas turbine castings
  • Nuclear reactor component castings
  • Oil field castings
  • Packers
  • Pumps
  • Rocket motor castings
  • Spacecraft
  • Side pocket mandrels
  • Subsurface safety valves
  • Valve gates
  • Valve seals
  • Valve seats
  • Valve stems
  • Well logging casing

Allvac is particularly popular for use in castings for the aerospace industry.

Allvac 718

Allvac 718, a member of the Inconel family of alloys, remains popular in the aerospace industry. Recently, however, researchers have increased the capabilities of this superalloy. The result is ALLVAC 718 Plus™. This new alloy exhibits higher levels of those properties that make Allvac 718 popular including tensile strength and resistance to both corrosion and oxidation.

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