Do You Really Need a Workers Compensation Attorney in Cedar Rapids IA?

When you have been injured at work, it can turn your whole life upside down. A worker’s compensation attorney in Cedar Rapids IA area can help to steady your life again. A lot of people make the error of not getting a worker’s compensation attorney on board early on in their case. Initially when you are injured at work, your employer may be very accommodating but once it becomes apparent that the injury is going to side line you for a while that accommodating attitude may take a nose dive.

How Can an Attorney Help?

Another critical mistake that injured workers make, is that they return to work against doctors’ orders. Many workers report that they return earlier than their doctor recommends because they were afraid they would lose their job if they didn’t. Many times, employers pressure injured workers to come back to work. An attorney will ensure that:

  • You are given the time that you need to heal per your doctor’s orders
  • You receive the compensation that you deserve
  • Fight against the insurance companies that want to minimize your injury
  • Get witness statements if necessary about the incident

With the right attorney, you will have an advocate on your side that will fight for your rights and make sure that they are always protected. Many times, employers will try to blame the employee for the injury and look for loopholes to pass the blame on. An attorney will stand up to your employer and your employers insurance company to ensure you get the compensation that you deserve.

The Answer is YES

Do you really need a worker’s compensation attorney in Cedar Rapids IA? Yes, simply put you do. If you do not want to risk losing your case, you need the support of Currie and Liabo.

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