Aluminum Extrusion Shapes and Sizes

Aluminum Extrusion Shapes and Sizes

Aluminum is one of the most versatile metals used today. In fact, extruded aluminum has many important uses in modern industry. Let’s take a closer look at the process of extrusion and the many aluminum extrusion shapes, sizes, and uses.

What is Extrusion?

To give you a good idea of the process of extrusion, picture a round or cylindrical object in your mind, made of aluminum. Now picture a large piece of very hard material with a square shaped hole. Soften the rod with heat and mentally push the round piece of aluminum through the square hole. What do you have?

You should come up with a round cylinder with four flat sides. This is basically how different aluminum extrusion shapes are created. Another way to visual extrusion is to imagine an old fashion meat grinder with a handle. As you crank the handle, the meat comes out in several long strings, because it has been extruded.

Aluminum Rod

Many types of manufacturing facilities use long pieces of aluminum rod. This is one of the most common forms of aluminum extrusion shapes you’ll find today. Rod is a very popular machine stock and is used to make special bolts, screws and rivets. It’s very important to have rivets which are strong, light, and resistant to corrosion in the aircraft industry, and aluminum alloy rod is the perfect material.

Hollow Shapes

Many types of aluminum tubing are made with the extrusion process. However, any type of hollow material can be produced. It is possible to create structural pipe, as well as square and rectangular shaped tubing.


Aluminum channel has many uses in industry today. It can be used to produce a variety of materials and many different components can be created.


Did you know seamless aluminum gutters are made by extrusion? This makes it possible to install guttering on a house or building without any seams, and this is the best way to prevent gutter leaks. In addition, seamless aluminum gutters never need painting and are rust proof.


Beams may not be the most common of the aluminum extrusion shapes, but they are very important. Aluminum alloy beams are commonly used in a variety of fabrication products which require corrosion resistance and less weight.

Custom Aluminum Extrusion Shapes

When you use an aluminum extrusion provider who offers custom shapes, there is no end to the possibilities. All you need is plans for your project and a good extruded aluminum service can give you exactly what you need.

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