Hat Channel Basics: Common Questions

by | Nov 6, 2015 | Aluminum Supplier

What’s a hat channel? Well, it’s a type of gauge metal furring strip. Typically lightweight, a hat channel is often used to provide for a way for finish materials to be attached to a surface, usually the ceiling. There’s a lot more than this simple definition, however; check out other common questions below.

What is a Metal Furring?
According to the Buildipedia, it’s a type of non-structural metal attachment and is commonly used to hold a finish material. Builders typically resort to the use of a metal furring in order to support one layer of material over another. It also works handily enough as a way to provide insulation between construction materials. Other uses for metal furring include: satisfying fire code standards as well as providing an effective sound barrier.

What is the Most Common Type of Metal Furring?
It’s the hat channel. It’s basically a metal furring that’s bent and shaped like a hat. This type of furring is often used to keep the outer layer of material in place, especially in cases where nails and screws wouldn’t be as effective. The hat channel is often put over another surface. The surface is usually concrete or concrete blocks or even over a plaster wall that’s already showing signs of deterioration, in order to make it easy for builders to attach other surface materials.

What Are the Advantages of Metal Furring?
Metal furring often make it easy to support or install other surface materials over, say, a ceiling or wall. With a furring in place, builders can easily attach drywall to the space. Aside from being a handy way to install materials, city as well as state building codes, too, often necessitate that furring strips be put in between dry walls to ensure certain levels of fire ratings. In many cases, hat channels are employed and attached to the structural beams as well as columns. This, in turn, would make it possible for builders to add other materials. This could be layers of drywall or other materials that would improve the fire safety ratings of the building.

Another way that metal furring makes life easier is by providing a variety of ways to attach materials, so you won’t have to be limited to the use of screws and nails. In some cases, you can also use hat channels to sound-proof a room, the DIY way. For instructions on how to pull that off, click here.

With so many applications for which hat channels are useful, it’s only practical that you buy yours from a reputable source, one known for quality and durability. That way, you can count on your hat channels to work for you for years to come.

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