Tips for Saving Money on Home Insurance in Whitman MA

Tips for Saving Money on Home Insurance in Whitman MA

If a person owns a home, they are likely looking for ways to save money on their homeowner’s insurance premiums–but previous homeowners should periodically review their policies to find ways to cut costs as well. In this article, readers will find several ways to save money each month on Home Insurance in Whitman MA.

Compare Quotes on Homeowner’s Insurance

The easiest and quickest way to reduce monthly homeowner’s insurance premiums is to get price quotes from multiple insurers. Rate quotes are typically offered for free, and they allow buyers to make an educated decision when choosing a policy. When the homeowner compares offerings from different providers, they should note differences and similarities in payouts, deductibles and covered hazards. By comparing the same factors on each policy, the homeowner can get the one that suits their budget and their needs.

Ask for Policy Discounts

When consulting homeowner’s insurance companies, the buyer should ask about possible discounts. For instance, some companies offer multi-policy discounts to those who buy more than one type of coverage. By purchasing home, life and car insurance from the same company, homeowners can save 10% or more per month. Certain home add-ons, such as security systems, can bring about discounts as well. Senior citizens and employees of certain companies may be eligible for discounts as well; buyers should check with their employer and their insurer to be certain.

Keep an Eye on Credit

Various studies have shown that homeowners with high credit scores aren’t as likely to file insurance claims. Because of this link, home insurance companies are increasingly considering credit history and score when determining a customer’s monthly premium. If a person’s credit score improves after a policy is purchased, showing the improvement to the insurer may earn that person a lower monthly rate.

Weatherproof the Home

There are many disaster-proofing steps homeowners can take to reduce their homeowner’s insurance liabilities. Additions such as roof reinforcements, storm shutters and upgraded plumbing, heating and cooling systems can all result in lowered insurance rates. For a comprehensive list of strategies and tips for reducing insurance premiums, consult, a provider of Home Insurance in Whitman MA.

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