Fundraisers for Schools: 4 Tips to Remember

Ready to start on those fundraising plans? Tommy’s Org shares a few tips on how to build a successful fundraising event.

1. Have some fun. That’s number one on the list. And especially fitting if you’re holding a fundraiser for a school. The more fun it is, the more likely it’ll snag the attention and interest of people in the audience. That means potential sales coming your way. If you have a fundraising bazaar, then this is one way for you to encourage your target market to drop by the bazaar—as well as drop more than a few dollars in the shops and stalls.

2. Simple is better. Fundraisers for schools should generally be simple. The simpler it is, the easier and faster people can understand the idea. If you try to make it more complicated, you’ll lose more than a few participants along the way. And in fundraising events, the number one rule is not to drive away any of those guests.

3. Use your story. Why are you holding a fundraising event in the first place? If you’re doing it for a cause and if people find it easy to relate to that cause, then sharing your story, the reason behind the fundraising event, can have a powerful effect on your market. The more the message or story appeals and resonates with them—like holding a benefit bazaar for kids with cancer or helping more kids read in poor neighborhoods—the better the response will be. That tends to translate well to donation dollars too. That’s how fundraisers for schools should be.

4. Keep costs down. One way to keep costs down is to partner up with companies that understand the goal and value of fundraising events. Take companies like Mixed Bag Designs, for instance. They offer fundraising catalogs filled with lovely totes and bags. And so long as you meet their minimum shipping requirements, they deliver those main catalog orders—free of charge. So if you’re looking to add ideas for your fundraising event, include this one. You won’t just be achieving your fundraising goals with the right company, you’ll also have lovely merchandise to offer your target market with.

With so many things to organize, keeping in mind these four simple tips will help you get a better handle on the work you need to do as well as reduce your stress and worry in having to organize things every step of the way. Good luck and have fun!

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