An Auto Accident Injury Lawyer in Spokane, WA Helps Clients Dealing with Serious Emotional Distress

Insurance companies are likely to deny claims for emotional distress due to an accident, even while agreeing to pay for expenses related to physical injuries. It’s difficult for insurers to place a monetary amount on a psychological injury, but an auto accident injury lawyer in Spokane, WA can determine the level of compensation that should be provided. Although emotional pain and suffering may technically be intangible factors, they can cause negative consequences in real life that are detrimental to the individual’s well-being.

Consider an accident in which two colleagues are traveling to work in a car. A delivery truck runs a red light and hits the passenger side of the car, killing the passenger. The family of the passenger can expect substantial financial compensation in a wrongful death suit. The driver of the vehicle can expect compensation for repairs to the vehicle or its replacement value, as well as for any medical treatment that was necessary. But what about the emotional trauma the driver incurred from this incident?

An auto accident injury lawyer in Spokane, WA understands the concrete effects of psychological injury. Even if the vehicle can be repaired, this person may never want to drive it again. The person may become increasingly anxious about driving at all and start to develop panic attacks while behind the wheel. Traveling that previous usual route to the job may now be unacceptable because it causes emotional distress.

Even working at the same business where the two people once were colleagues can be pretty difficult emotionally. The individual may feel a certain level of guilt and may worry that others are imposing judgement about the accident. All these issues may result in the person quitting a job they once really enjoyed. Depression, anxiety, moodiness and chronic irritability that develop in this type of situation can seriously undermine close relationships. Accident victims who were previously happily married may eventually get divorced due to their inability to find enjoyment in the relationship anymore. Before work and relationship situations reach these negative levels, the individual may benefit from counseling that should be paid for by the delivery truck driver’s insurer. Visit to take steps toward making things better.

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