An Intro to Doggie Daycare – and Why It Might Be Perfect for Your Pet!

An Intro to Doggie Daycare – and Why It Might Be Perfect for Your Pet!

Today’s pet owners don’t want to meet the minimum needs of their beloved animals. Americans spend millions of dollars annually on their pets, a large portion of which goes to pet care items and services. For those who work or travel regularly, this may include doggie daycare, cat and dog boarding and more. Considering these services for your furry friend? Read on to find out more about what to expect!

More Than You’d Expect for Pet Care

Once upon a time, dog kennels were the only option for those looking for dog boarding and other pet care while owners were away from home. Today’s facilities are more comfortable than the kennels of yesteryear, giving your pet a safe, clean place to stay and plenty of access to food, water, and exercise while they are monitored in your absence.

If you want something a little more deluxe for your pet, there are options to give them the same level of rest you’re getting on your vacation. Madison, WI dog daycare and pet boarding provider Aunt B’s Pet Resort and Spa provides a well-rounded experience for your pet. Both cats and dogs are accepted as boarders, and doggie daycare is offered for your favorite canine. Unlike many budget dog kennels, these kinds of full-service, spa-style facilities focus more on the positive experience of your pet and maintaining happiness than on simply meeting their basic needs.

Get Informed and Get the Service You Need

Not sure if you want the basic or more complete package for your pet? Contact your local pet daycare and boarding provider and ask what services they offer. Compare prices and weigh these rates against your family’s needs for your pet. The best option for your animal will always be where they are safest, most comfortable and happiest in your absence. Thankfully, the majority of today’s pet care providers are exactly that!

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