Are Bathtub Liners Effective for a Bathtub Repair in Casper WY?

The bathtub has stopped working, is ruined, or is severely dated. A bathtub repair in Casper WY is a typical option and one that will always get the bathtub back in working order and looking prettier than ever. But, many customers ask about a bathtub lining. Is it possible to use a bathtub lining instead of doing a repair? Further, will a lining help reduce the chance of another bathtub repair in the future?

Firstly, what is a tub liner?

A tub liner covers the tub in a thin acrylic frame. Many tubs have this cheap-feeling glossy surface, and a tub liner covers that up. It provides a more textured surface, which feels and looks like plastic. Some people add them to protect their clean porcelain surface. Others use it cover cracks or help preserve a recently repair job. A tub liner is nice, but is it a big contribution to the look of the tub? That is up for debate.

How is it installed?

Bathtub Repair in Casper WY will take measurements of the tub and assess the details of the repair. If they decide to go forward with a tub liner, they will order the specifications from the manufacturer. They may often have the liner in stock at the time. They will then coat the liner over the tube like a glove. The old tub surface is cleaned with alcohol-based cleaners and safe cleaning products. The surface is perfectly clean before the application. If it is not, it may leave bumps and other spots present through the liner. The technical parts are added last. After applying the liner, the team will caulk the edges, install a new drain, and add a brand new overflow as needed.

Is it useful before, during, or after a repair?

A bathtub liner could be very useful after a repair. It helps preserve the surface coating. Some may even use it before getting a repair if they do not have the budget at the time for a full repair. They may want to keep the damage contained for now.

A liner is an effective tool, but it is rarely necessary. Click here for more on how they are used. It helps protect the surface and keep the entire tub in nice form, but it is a cosmetic addition may decide to go without.

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