Are There Different Types of Gasoline in Bushkill, PA?

by | Mar 9, 2018 | Business

There are essentially three different kinds of motor fuel that are commonly used in roadway and agricultural applications. There is gasoline, which is the most common fuel for roadway vehicles, and there is roadway diesel and offroad diesel. Roadway diesel and off-road diesel are essentially the exact same formulation except that off-road diesel is dyed red because it is commonly used for agricultural and industrial tools and is taxed differently than road diesel. Dying them different colors makes it easy to tell the difference between the two and determine if someone is using untaxed diesel for roadway applications.

Octane Ratings

Octane is a type of hydrocarbon that is often added to gasoline in Bushkill, PA and everywhere around the United States. The hydrocarbon determines how much the fuel can be compressed before combustion. High performance engines and very powerful engines commonly use very high compression ratios. A higher octane means that it can be compressed even further. It is not necessarily a rating of the efficiency of the fuel. Many of the most efficient engines do not need to compress the fuel as highly to achieve powerful results.

If you need fuel delivered, you should schedule an appointment. Look for a team that will deliver multiple kinds of fuel; that way, you’ll be able to get all of your fuels from one source.

Kinds of Diesel

Diesel, often confused with gasoline, is used as a fuel source for road vehicles, off-road vehicles, and even as heating oil in some cases. The fuel is compressed in the engine and then ignited with a glow plug instead of a spark plug. Diesel engines tend to have higher tolerances for sulphur and other contaminants. However, you still want a low-sulphur diesel or even an ultra low-sulphur variety. Having these available will allow you to fuel up many different kinds of vehicles and industrial machines.

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