Are You Properly Caring For Your Clip-In Hair Extensions in Scottsdale?

Hair extensions offer an easy and unique way for a woman to increase her hair length, add highlights, and increase volume. Today’s hair extensions are easier to use than ever before and offer natural looks that make a woman feel confident in her style. It is important everyone knows how to properly care for their Hair Extensions in Scottsdale.

Proper Care Prolongs the Life of Extensions

• It is important a woman carefully removes her extensions before she goes to bed each night. Sleeping with extensions in place can cause them to become damaged. The extensions should carefully be detangled and properly stored when they are removed.

• Extensions should be washed at least once a month, or more frequently if they are worn often. Synthetic extensions should only be cleaned with shampoos that are made for synthetic fibers. Natural extensions can be washed with a gentle baby shampoo or one that is made for extensions.

• Extensions should never be brushed when they are wet as this will lead to damage and shedding. To detangle the extensions, a person needs to start at the ends and carefully work their way up until the entire length is detangled.

• Extensions can easily become dried out, making them look damaged. It is important conditioner products are used so the extension stays soft, pliable, and free of frizz. Extensions should be conditioned with each wash and a leave-in conditioner should be used when the extensions are worn.

Wearing Extensions Is Easy

Wearing clip-on extensions is the easiest way for a woman to improve her hair volume or simply change up her style. Extensions are available in a wide array of colors and styles so a woman is sure to find one that fits her needs.

For the most natural look, clip-in extensions need to be clipped in place beneath the natural hair layers so the clips are not visible. When layered throughout the hair layers, this offers the most natural look and adds tons of volume.

If you would like to purchase beautiful clip-in extensions for your hair, Visit the Site at Domain. They offer the widest selection so you are sure to find the perfect extension for your hair.

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