ATV Insurance Agents in Waukesha Wisconsin Provides ATV Operating Guidelines

by | Feb 9, 2016 | Insurance

All Terrain Vehicles are recreational vehicles that are considered off-road vehicles. Thus, a lot of people mistakenly feel that they don’t need to have insurance coverage. However, there are safety certifications that must be in place, and each state has different rules regarding ATVs. There are ATV Insurance Agents in Waukesha Wisconsin who will supply customers with all the information they need concerning their ATVs and insurance coverage. These are some of the things an ATV user needs to know about operating a machine in Wisconsin.

*    ATVs have trails and routes upon which the drivers are authorized to operate the vehicles. These paths should be followed strictly, for the safety of others as well as the ATV driver.

*    Although ATVs are not normal vehicles, users must still obey all the same regulatory rules that cars and trucks do. They still have to stop at all stop signs and obey the speed regulating signs.

*    ATV drivers cannot operate their vehicles on public property if it has been clearly identified as being prohibited, such as by signs or by the implied local law.

*    The ATV driver cannot operate the vehicle on private property without permission. The tricky thing here is that the owner of the property is not required to post such a prohibition. To be safe, drivers should stay off all private property unless the owner has given authorization.

*    ATV drivers must drive their vehicle at 10 mph or less under certain conditions, such as riding within 150 feet of a residence, or within 100 feet of persons not on motorized vehicles.

These are just a few of the rules and laws that ATV users need to know about operating their vehicles in Wisconsin. Once drivers arm themselves with the knowledge of Wisconsin laws regarding their ATV, the next wise choice would be to get insurance coverage. The insurance for the vehicles is not that expensive, and the risks one incurs in the event of an accident are not worth it. If you want to get more information about insurance coverage for your ATV, there are ATV Insurance Agents in Waukesha Wisconsin you can contact. P & C Insurance Services Inc. offers ATV insurance policies as well as other types of insurance. Visit the website,, to find out more.

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