Relieving Spine and Joint Pain Using Stem Cells in Moore

Relieving Spine and Joint Pain Using Stem Cells in Moore

Injuries to the spine and spinal cord can lead to other health problems. Cardiovascular issues, along with deep vein thrombosis are all associated with spinal injuries if not treated correctly. Patients suffering from joint and back pain can benefit from Stem Cell Moore to help relieve inflammation and nerve damage that comes along with the injury. Stem cells are being used more and more to help patients recover from severe injuries that in the past left them with sensory deficits and open to other medical problems.

Stem Cell Moore helps patients who suffer from painful joint and back pain regain movement and enjoy a pain-free life. Doctors performing these procedures are a part of a network of over 400 physicians worldwide supply plasma rich platelet cells to help those suffering from musculoskeletal injuries. These doctors carry out the procedures in state-of-art facilities to guarantee the health and safety of all who receive their services. Pain in the spine and inflammation can lead to other medical problems if left untreated. Those who have experienced back pain, usually have trouble walking, nerve damage and can end up with osteoporosis that weakens the bones in other areas of the body. Not to mention spinal issues make it difficult to function on a day to day basis. Inflammation can cause swelling in the legs, arms and other extremities, making every movement painful. Pain medications can only temporarily mask the pain and keep the swelling down, but patients who have major spine issues find that over-the-counter medicines stop working, and heavier narcotics are dangerous for extended periods of time, leading to dependency.

Dr. Robinson and his practice Longevity Joint Spine Pain understand that spine and joint pain can affect every aspect of daily life. Patients seeking relief have experienced lasting results using stem cells of Platelet Rich Plasma injections to end their joint pain. He helps patients regain the mobility with the use of other integrative approaches in medicine, including managed weight loss and stress reduction that contribute to chronic illnesses and pain. People who are suffering from chronic back pain and joint issues should browse the website to find out more about the practice.

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