Automatic hand dryers are ideal for busy public bathrooms

Anyone responsible for a managing a store, restaurant or any commercial operation will know from experience just how fast customers and staff can go through paper towels. Of course, hand washing after using the facility is a must and people also want their hands to be dry. For those using paper towels, the volume can be staggering.

Paper towels do dry hands but they are expensive and wasteful. Automatic hand dryers for bathroom on the other hand pay for themselves quickly as there is no need to buy paper towels, they easily last five or more years and you save time and money in bathroom maintenance.

Automatic hand dryer:

There are basically three types of hand dryers; traditional units, high speed units and automatic units. A traditional hand dryer can take between 30 and 45 seconds to completely dry hands but they are very affordable and are often used in low volume facilities.

High speed dryers are much faster, they can do the job in 15 seconds or so, the only downside is cost but for those facilities with very busy bathrooms; sporting venues for example, they are well suited.

Automatic hand dryers for bathroom are the best of all worlds. There is no need to push a button; they operate via a sensor that knows when hands are placed under the outlet vent. They turn on when needed and as soon as the hands are withdrawn, they turn off.

The benefits of automatic hand dryers are:

  • Extremely sanitary, no need to touch anything
  • Energy efficient as they only run when they have to

Hygiene is extremely important, bacteria is a real issue in shared facilities. Automatic hand dryers go a long way to solve this issue as no one will have touched the unit before you use it; there are fewer chances of contamination.

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