Avoid Expensive Damage With Quality Roof Repair in Silver Spring

by | Jul 14, 2016 | Roofing

A failing roof can be a huge problem because it opens the structure up to moisture. Unfortunately, the type of Roof Repair Silver Spring that the property requires may be more complicated than expected. For example, a few loose shingles could be a simple repair unless the shingles have been ripped in the wind and the damaged area is larger than expected. The only way to determine the kind of repair necessary is to inspect the roof inside and out. The cost of this inspection may be bundled into the repair, but some contractors bill this task separately.

The typical roof is a composite system made from a wood decking and various layers of water resistant materials. These are typically a layer of roofing felt and another layer of asphalt shingles. The membranes need to be properly placed so that any flashing is sealed and any vent edges are covered. Plus, these items must have a sealant to prevent moisture from going under the metal and rotting the wood. There are various kinds of asphalt shingles, but the most common is the budget friendly, three-tab model. They provide a consistent look that most homeowners prefer. However, there are other choices such as laminated shingles and various composites.

An alternative Roof Repair Silver Spring to asphalt shingles include the use of materials such as stamped steel sheets, fiber-cement tiles or simulated cedar shake. The selection often depends on the type of building being repaired. If the preferred material is steel, then the property owner has a huge array of styles to select from. Stamped steel roofing can simulate almost any roofing type including the look of Mediterranean style tiles. Plus, steel roofing can be galvanized or coated with a fluoropolymer-based paint.

Fiber-cement tiles are an excellent option for a great looking roof. The tiles are durable and they resist the elements very well. This product uses Portland cement and cellulose, typically wood pulp, and is patterned to look great. Color is integrated into the material so the roof will handle aging very well. For those people that prefer the look of cedar, there is the option of simulated shake. A bit of care is involved in selecting the right product, but most modern simulated shake has a long service life and few of the issues of real cedar roofing. Contact the experts at Reliable Roofers Inc to learn more.

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