Avoid Roof Leaks With Quality Roof Installation in Waukesha Wisconsin

by | Nov 6, 2015 | Roofing Contractor

When the roof of a building begins to fail, there is very little that the owner can do to eliminate the problem. Damage and leaks can occur from any storm which means the roof needs to be checked for signs of damage once the weather has cleared. However, to handle a difficult job like this requires a unique skill set that most people don’t possess. For instance, it may be necessary to walk along the top of the roof and check for missing shingles or other damage. This requires a unique sense of balance and self-control. If the roofing failure is too severe, then it may be time to consider roof installation in Waukesha Wisconsin.

The average roof is made from several materials that are designed to control the flow of water. The first stage in a roofing installation is the application of a decking material. This is typically a man-made product such as OSB (Oriented Strand Board) or plywood. These two products tend to provide the most uniform roofing surface available. After the decking is in place, the roofer should place a layer of roofing felt over it. Certain contractors feel this step is unnecessary, but the membrane provides an additional layer of protection should the shingles begin to leak.

Once the Roof Installation in Waukesha Wisconsin is ready to be covered, the property owner will need to make a choice. There are a number of products that can protect the home, but their service life will vary with their quality. For instance, the typical three-tab asphalt shingle has an average working life between twelve and twenty-five years. This is a great option for budget constrained projects, but there are better alternatives. One of the best is steel roofing.

There are multiple types of metal roofing and the one that gets used will depend on the building in question. For example, many larger commercial buildings will use long sheets of galvanized or treated steel while homes may use stamped steel roofing. This latter choice is a thin sheet of steel that has been galvanized with either zinc or a zinc-aluminum coating. This affords the product a long service life with very few signs of wear. To make metal roofing even more useful, the manufacturers shape their product to match most other roofing materials. Browse our website for more roofing information.

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