Basement Finishing Ideas – Creating the Perfect Bedroom

Basement Finishing Ideas – Creating the Perfect Bedroom

Does your family need more space? If so, you have several options to consider! You could buy a larger house, but that could be too costly, in most cases or you could add-on to the house. Either way could be an expensive strategy also. However, basements offer a lot of opportunities for expansion and remodeling. Here are some helpful basement finishing ideas to get you started.

1. Check Your Local Building Codes

You’ll probably need to include an emergency exit in your plans. You can use a window or door which leads to the outdoors. It may take some extra planning to find the best solution to this problem.

2. Insulate for Sound and Comfort

Concrete walls are cold in winter. If your new bedroom walls are well insulated, you increase the comfort level substantially. Make sure to choose high-quality insulation which is not affected by humidity or dampness.

3. Use Pressure Treated Lumber

Effective basement finishing should include rot-resistant lumber. If you use wooden framing, pressure treated wood is best. It resists rot and insect attack. Today’s treated lumber does not contain arsenic and is safe to use indoors. Instead of wood, you may use metal framing also.

4. Use What You Have

Is there a large beam inside the room? If so, you can finish the beam to give the bedroom charm or a rustic appearance. Be creative with your space. For example, if there is a water shut-off valve on the wall or overhead, figure out a convenient way to enclose it, while maintaining access.

5. You Don’t Have to Finish the Ceilings

If you want a spacious appearance, leave the ceilings as they are. By painting them a dark color, you get rid of that “cramped” feeling.

6. Get Help from the Pros

Choose a remodeling contractor specializing in basement finishing, which could offer you the best possible results.

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